Script: The Prince of Egypt Live-action Remake

Script: The Prince of Egypt Live-action Remake

Since I am writing books and screenplays, I am going to write a screenplay for a live-action near shot-for-shot remake of DreamWorks’ The Prince of Egypt ala Gus Van Sant’s 1998 remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. I find it the most underrated animated film of all time and it completely deserves a live-action remake because all of the characters are human and was based on an iconic part of the Christian (no pun intended) Bible: the Book of Exodus.

I plan to make the remake R-rated because the original doesn’t seem kid-friendly to begin with thanks to the harsh depiction of the plagues, slavery and angst. For those who haven’t seen it, think of it as Ang Lee’s Hulk meets The Bible meets Frozen.

Since whitewashing is very controversial, I want the Hebrews portrayed by people of Jewish ancestry and the Egyptians portrayed by British-Africans. Changes include the additions of characters that serve as key figures in the Book of Exodus such as Joshua and Moses’ children.

Just because I am making the script R-rated does not mean you will be hearing strong profanities or graphic violence. I am doing the R-rated remake script because it allows better character development.

Since Universal made a misstep with Exodus: Gods And Kings, I believe my remake screenplay will restore its trust.


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