Underrated Masterpieces: Welcome To The Rileys

Underrated Masterpieces: Welcome To The Rileys

Many people think of Kristen Stewart as a shallow actress from the Twilight adaptations but films such as Welcome To The Rileys always prove people wrong.

Welcome To The Rileys was released in 2010 and is one of the last roles of the great Tony Soprano AKA James Gandolfini who played Doug Riley. It also featured Melissa Leo as Lois, Doug’s wife.

For Kristen Stewart’s role as Allison/Mallory, she had deprived herself of sleep, ate junk food and constantly smoked tobacco to make herself look tired. And it worked with her winning Best Actress at the Milan International Film Festival before she won a Cesar Award for Best Actress for 2014’s Clouds of Sils Maria.

While the story was good, the acting in this high quality and low-budget drama is top-notch, for both Gandolfini and Stewart.

Since comedies use profane words in an over the top and humorous fashion, dramas uses it in a serious and shocking manner that works even better. For example, Kristen Stewart naturally speaks profane in real life and thought it was fun to reuse her concept for her underrated role for the film.

While on the other hand, Gandolfini’s character criticizes Allison’s behavior. If he were alive, I hope he would do the same for Deadpool.

Welcome to the Rileys is a well-written film about life at New Orleans, a mid-life crisis and Kristen Stewart being an independent woman.


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