Underrated Masterpieces: Batman Forever

Underrated Masterpieces: Batman Forever

While Batman Returns (1992) was controversial for the dark material and Batman & Robin (1997) felt like a good sequel to the Adam West show, Batman Forever (1995) is a great mix that is not too dark and not too light-hearted.

Speaking of mix, Billy Dee Williams was swapped with Tommy Lee Jones as a captivating Two-Face, thirteen years before Aaron Eckhart’s remembered performance in The Dark Knight (2008). However, the real riddle about the film is the true villain.

Jim Carrey went all green the second time as Edward Nygma/The Riddler with all of his questions and tricks against Val Kilmer’s good enough portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman. A great one-shot addition to the Batman mythos is Nicole Kidman’s Dr. Meridian Chase. If she appeared in Batman & Robin, then people might not be as bothered. The movie also got some good attention with Drew Barrymore as one of Two-Face’s lackeys.

The visuals were very colorful with hidden references to the 60’s show where Robin (Chris O’Donnell) said “Holy rusted metal, Batman!” He later clarified that the rusted metal is hole-y. Another saving grace that it was the last Batman film produced by Tim Burton.

Many people forgot the questions for Batman Forever and it would be nice to relearn the questions once and for all.


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