Underrated Masterpieces: X-Men The Last Stand

Underrated Masterpieces: X-Men The Last Stand

While Ang Lee’s Hulk is my all-time favorite standalone Marvel film, X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) is one of my favorite X-Movies because unlike the ones before and after them, it has a much more profound message for people with Autism such as myself.

The mutants in the films have faced oppression as many minorities have. The major conflict of the film is that both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants realized that humans have created a cure for Mutants. It helps me think about the controversial debate about curing Autism.

Once I saw the scene with Mystique getting a shot from the cure, her skin changed from blue to white and her hair changed from brown to black. That made me heartbroken because it made me realize that differences should not be cured.

And Kelsey Grammer stole the show as Hank McCoy/Beast, the blue furred one, not the brown furred Dan Stevens.

X-Men: The Last Stand will be an important film for people on the autism spectrum so that they understand that a cure for differences is wrong.


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