Bruce Banner: The Son

Bruce Banner: The Son

Eric Bana was a beyond perfect choice for Bruce Banner/Krenzler in Ang Lee’s masterpiece that has been naysayed for many years.

Bruce Banner was the only child of David Banner and Edith Banner, born in 1969 with a genetic mutation inherited from his father. Four years later, he witnessed the death of his mother and that traumatic event gave Bruce repressed memories that haunted him for the next thirty years.

He was picked up by General Ross and sent to Mrs. Krenzler who adopted him to become a gifted scientist. He met the general’s daughter, Betty at college and the two of them decided to work at Berkeley Institute. Bruce and Betty have been testing nanomeds and Gamma radiation on multiple frogs to see if the amphibians get enhanced to minimal success.

Bruce saw his real father, who was the janitor at Berkeley. David gave Bruce a DNA sample for research, which is actually the DNA of Bruce.

At Berkeley, Bruce met Major Glenn Talbot, the owner of Atheon, a military base at San Francisco dedicated to research. Talbot did not like Bruce’s research, which Bruce a bit worried.

One day, Harper decided to test another frog with nanomeds but the experiment could not be stopped. Bruce went near the radiation and felt himself change immensely. He felt much better even though Betty was worried that Bruce could have died. At the night, he saw his father again and learned that his heritage with the Krenzlers are not his true identity and that David had been in prison for thirty years.

Bruce received a message from Betty that General Ross is supposed to shut down Bruce’s research, which made him angry and become the Hulk. He destroyed about a third and the institute and the Gamma sphere inside it.

The next day, Bruce talked to Betty how his first outburst was similar to being born. General Ross arrived and warned Bruce to never touch Betty ever again or Bruce would be sent to prison.

At the night, Bruce got a phone call from his father that he was the result of David’s self-experimentation and that David’s three mutated dogs were sent after Betty. Major Talbot arrived to the house and grabbed Bruce. This caused Bruce to become the Hulk again and he injured Talbot.

The Hulk went to the forest and destroyed the dogs as the canines evaporated into green. Bruce fell unconscious and was woken up by Betty. He learned that the nanomeds born inside him responded to psychological trauma including repressed memories. Bruce was shot by a tranquilizer dart from the San Francisco military, where they took him to Atheon.

Atheon was built where Bruce’s destroyed neighborhood was from thirty years ago. Bruce and Betty decided to take a look at his house, but there was nothing there. At Atheon, Bruce was tortured by Talbot’s cattle prod. Talbot explained that he wanted Bruce to get angry, get a DNA sample and start an army of super soldiers for the military, against General Ross’ protocols.

Bruce was put inside a water chamber where his enzymes were potentially extracted until he woke up in rage. He broke out of the room before sprayed by containment foam, which was against the general’s protocol. Talbot came towards the Hulk with a drill to remove the green being’s eye but backfired. Talbot sent a missile towards the Hulk, but landed on the back of the wall, killing Talbot.

General Ross decided to let his army follow the Hulk towards the Golden Gate Bridge, where he found Betty. Bruce quickly calmed down and was strapped to an electric chair, where he had a final talk with David. Bruce remembered his real mother, but not her name. David explained to Bruce that after David tested himself with Bruce’s DNA and a reconstruction of the nanomeds, David absorbed everything he touches, except David’s cells are unstable because he was not born with the abilities that Bruce had. David wanted to drain Bruce’s energy so David would atone for himself.

Things were getting out of hand when David kept yelling at Bruce and decided to bite into the electric cable. David drained the electricity and became a living conduit, which made Bruce become the Hulk again. The Hulk followed David into the sky and at Pear Lake, where David transformed into a being of stone and water.

Bruce decided to give in to David, which transformed David into a giant, green bubble of Bruce’s energy. David was destroyed by a gamma missile sent from General Ross. Bruce was presumed deceased.

However, Bruce faked his death so he can continue his research at South America. He arrived in 2004 and decided to stay there for eight years.


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