Mass Effect: Overlord

Mass Effect: Overlord

“Quiet, please! Make it stop!” Those five words from the Mass Effect 2 expansion pack made me filled with tears. Even if it is garbled, it is very clear. The trailer is misleading and might deceive you for what the expansion is actually about.

In the Mass Effect universe, Dr. Gavin Archer had a younger brother, David Archer who does rapid calculation, photographic memory and properly speaks many different languages. David Archer’s high-functioning Autism made his brother partake in Project Overlord, where David is supposed to command the Geth by speaking in their language. But it was too much for David to handle because of all the noise.

In the mission, Commander Shepard and his/her crew have to shut down Project Overlord before realizing that David Archer was the man inside the project. Once the project was shutdown, Shepard got angry at Gavin for taking his intelligent brother to be emotionally tortured from the noise.

If the Paragon ending was achieved, Shepard scolded Gavin for the horror he had done to his brother as the Commander decided to send David to a more sensor-friendly place: Grissom Academy.

“I have been counting… the number of days you have lengthened my life.”

If the Renegade ending was achieved, then Shepard would destroy the Project and move on with David staying with his brother.

In the events of Mass Effect 3, the people of Cerberus tried to find a high-functioning mind like David but failed.

As a man with Autism, it gave me tears while the Paragon ending gave people on the spectrum a happy ending it deserved.


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