David Banner Revisited

David Banner Revisited

While David Banner sparked the events of the iconic 2003 Hulk film, he is one of the more symbolic characters.

David Banner’s absorbing abilities were inspired by the Hulk villain “Absorbing Man”, who had similar powers while the Absorbing Man got his powers from a potion, whereas David got the powers from experimenting on himself with Bruce’s DNA. His unstable abilities served as a juxtaposition to Bruce’s able abilities as well as their age. David was old and brittle, which cost his downfall.

David Banner had many views shared by Charles Darwin about evolution and going against the limits of people.

David’s original name was Brian Banner. His first name was changed to David as an homage to the 1970s The Incredible Hulk show.

David Banner’s forms represent a different element. His first form was based on both Hulk villain “Zzzax” and the Greek god Zeus thanks to how he moved throughout the sky with electricity. David’s second form was inspired by the Jewish folklore legend known as the Golem. David’s third form was seemingly based on the Greek god Poseidon.


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