Forgotten Continuations: Megamind

Forgotten Continuations: Megamind

Everybody pretty much loves Will Ferrell as the voice of Megamind. It was continued with a 2011 short called The Button of Doom, where Megamind (Will Ferrell) and Minion (David Cross) were giving away evil toys to the people of Metro City, while Megamind accidentally pressed a button to summon the Mega-Megamind. In the end, Megamind decided to be himself instead of using Metro Man’s old abilities.

The chronology is continued with a 2010 game called Megamind: Ultimate Showdown. Megamind is now aware that a group of villains of known as the Doom Syndicate have taken Hal Stewart and transformed him into Blue Tighten thanks to both Metro Man and Megamind’s DNA. After Megamind defeated the Doom Syndicate and Blue Tighten, he became honored by Metro City once again.

In another tie-in game which is presumably the last in the Megamind canon, Mega Team Unite shows a redeemed Tighten and a reformed Metro Man as they help Megamind and Minion stop the Doom Syndicate again.

The Doom Syndicate was intended for the film but the concept was cut out to make the movie more simple. The finalized members in the games are:

  • Psycho Delic
  • Destruction Worker
  • Hot Flash
  • Judge Sludge
  • The Conductor

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