Timeless Classics: The Matrix

Timeless Classics: The Matrix

People have been wondering before The Matrix (1999), what exactly is the Matrix? It is a computer simulation of Earth created by Machines.

Post-1999, The Matrix has been considered by millions of people as a classic due to its unique feel and revolutionary visual effects that made the iconic film win 4 Oscars. It helped blend in different philosophies from ancient times to the late 20th century.

While I personally prefer the entire series over the first film, I completely understand why the first film had a greater legacy. It had started to become the Wachowskis’ Magnum Opus. All of the quotes are very relatable about living inside a false world.

The film was a surprise hit in 1999 that addressed relevant topics that continue to be relevant in the years after the film’s release. The film helped people create VR goggles, enhanced technology and many different ways how computers work.

“There is no spoon.”


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