Script: Hulk The Gamma Within

Script: Hulk The Gamma Within

I just realized that Universal still owns the solo film rights for Marvel’s Hulk, which gave me a chance to finish what Ang Lee and James Schamus started in 2003.

It takes place two decades after the events of the film. Now that the entire public is aware that Bruce Banner is a Banner and not a Krenzler, he stayed at a Native America reserve to hide himself for research. Betty Ross was given permission to move to South America, where they raised a daughter, Brittany Banner.

Brittany Banner is inspired by She-Hulk yet the name is not mentioned.

Meanwhile, the corpse of Major Talbot was taken by the San Francisco military (now led by John Ryker) and remade as the Abomination based on a copy of Bruce’s DNA.

While the first film focused on the intense father, the script focused on the more calm son that is Bruce.


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