Betty Ross: The Calmness

Betty Ross: The Calmness

It is no wonder why Jennifer Connelly was cast as Dr. Elizabeth Ross for Ang Lee’s Hulk (2003).

Betty Ross was very young at the time when the Gamma explosion happened at San Francisco. She was the only child of General Thaddeus Ross. As she became older, she met Bruce Krenzler at college and worked together at Berkeley Institute. They tested nanomeds and Gamma radiation on frogs to minimal success.

The day after, as she saw the nanomed test go off accidentally with Harper inside, she yelled at Bruce to get out. She saw Bruce get exposed to the radiation and worried that he could have died. In the days since, she helped Bruce calm down every time he saw her. She explained the nanomeds inside Bruce respond to psychological trauma, including repressed memories. She also came in contact with Bruce’s real father, David Banner twice to understand why Bruce is so estranged from his father and why David got sent to prison for thirty years.

One day, she was pursued by David’s mutated dogs that were later destroyed by the Hulk. She gets upset when her father denies permission to see Bruce Banner all because Bruce worked in the same field as his father.

She gave her father permission to let Bruce and David talk if things did not go out of hand. However, it failed once David became a being of electricity. She witnessed the Gamma missile land on David and believed Bruce died from the explosion.


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