Button Mashers: Jak 3

Button Mashers: Jak 3

Naughty Dog’s Jak & Daxter trilogy came to an excellent conclusion with Jak 3 (2004), where Jak and Daxter get sent to the Wasteland and Spargus City, home of Damas.

While Haven City from Jak II (2003) was greatly reduced, the size of the Wasteland is very big, even for PS2 and 2004 standards. It gave Jak the ability to drive Dune Buggies ala Mad Max: Fury Road (2015).

While Jak was tainted by the Dark Eco, he was given a blessing of Light Eco from the Precursors. The Light Eco gave Jak the ability to become Light Jak, where he can heal, stop time, generate a shield or use wings. Jak can still be Dark Jak, but not just when all of the Dark Eco is filled up.

While Jak 3 can be considered by some gamers as just an expansion pack to Jak II, the new environments, challenges, eight weapon modifiers and enemies completely compensate it.


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