Lenny: A Shark With Autism?

Lenny: A Shark With Autism?

Lenny the Shark (Jack Black) from the 2004 kid-friendly classic, Shark Tale (2004) is no ordinary carnivorous shark. It is quite possible that he has Autism considering his diet, his ways of life and how honest, kind and truthful he is to other people in the sea.

Key quotes that point out evidence:

*”Mom said it’s not okay to hit!” – Lenny does not like it when his brother Frankie hits Lenny or any act of violence.

*”I’m a vegetarian.” – Lenny confessed to his friend Oscar that he would rather eat vegetables than meat as do most sharks.

*”Sebastian the Whale-Washing Dolphin!” – Lenny wanted to be a dolphin who works at Whale Wash instead of being an apex predator like his family.

*”NOOOOOO!!! How am I going to explain this to Pop?” – Lenny had sensory overload from the death of his brother, Frankie from an anchor. In fact, he never attended Frankie’s funeral.

*”That song gives me the creeps.” – Lenny gets a bit frightened than usual when sharks near him hum the Jaws theme.

*”I can’t just waltz in and say ‘Hi, Pop! I’m a dolphin!'”- Lenny did not want to make his dad feel down because he wanted to be himself.

Lenny is a shark that kids that are on the spectrum can easily relate to thanks to his affable personality, his different ways of life and kindness all around everybody he sees.


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