Timeless Classics: Happy Gilmore

Timeless Classics: Happy Gilmore

If there is one Adam Sandler comedy worth mentioning to non-fans, it is Happy Gilmore (1996).

It is about a hockey amateur named Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) who decides to become a golf champion to help pay his grandmother’s taxes.

Happy was mentored by Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers), who had one of his hands bitten by an alligator. Happy’s rival is Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) who likes to brag and hired a person to insult Happy so Happy can miss his swing.

And who can forget the scene where Happy Gilmore goes in a brawl with Bob Barker? That was pure hilarity and awesomeness which made the ratings for the Price is Right skyrocket.

“The Price is Wrong, Bob!”

Happy has some anger issues with getting the golf ball right or even a clown sign that spit out the ball at a mini-golf game, where he angrily yells “You’re going to die, clown!”

Happy Gilmore is a well-written and very funny movie about golf, hockey, alligators and how life is like when it’s all in the hips.


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