Timeless Classics: Mean Girls

Timeless Classics: Mean Girls

Mean Girls (2004) is a Timeless Classic that is still fetch to this very day thanks to great performances, good chemistry and a well-written script by Tina Fey. Yes, THAT Tina Fey.

It is about a homeschooled girl from Africa named Cady (Cay-dee, not Caddy) Heron (Lindsay Lohan) who just entered into high school. There, she met two friends, Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan) and Damien (Daniel Franzese). They warned her to never go towards the Plastics, an all-female bullying group led by Regina George (Rachel McAdams), a filthy rich girl from a filthy rich family including her mother (Amy Poehler).

Not all of the movie is about Cady, though. It is also about the Plastics and the two other members, Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) whose father invented Toaster Strudel and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) who is not that bright and not that mean. Karen claimed to be psychic as in having a fifth sense and being born with ESPN. That probably means Extra Sensory Perceptive Neurology.

Interesting fact, if Lindsay Lohan was not cast as Cady, Mean Girls would be R-rated with much more profanity and vulgar jokes. Luckily, it did not want to be the feminist equivalent of The Big Lebowski (1998).

Tina Fey (who also acted as the math teacher) helped make the iconic film insanely quotable and insanely relatable for many generations since its release. It was the breakthrough for Amanda Seyfried, who has starred in a wide range of famous films including Jennifer’s Body (2009), Mamma Mia (2008), Ted 2 (2015), etc.

There was a clever homage to Ang Lee’s Hulk (2003) where the Plastics have a four way call in the split screen that Ang Lee used ending with Karen getting hung up on the phone after remarking to Regina, “I can’t go out. Cough cough. I’m sick.”

There are a lot of reasons why Mean Girls is an important film and these are some of them.


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