Life With Autism: Grief

It all began in March 30th, 2004, with the death of my maternal grandfather, Richard Kenneth Newcomb. He lived from September 26th, 1931 to that day in 2004 and died of lung cancer. He was the owner and founder of the Mug N’ Muffin restaurant group, which later became Newcomb Farms. I was seven at the time of his loss. It was my first grief experience.

Six years later, my paternal grandmother, Barbara Santell (March 23, 1942-April 28, 2010) lost her struggle against leukemia. My father and I were equally saddened. She was a great relative. However, days before her death, I gave her a surplus of water, which might have extended her life by days.

Five years later, my half-sister, Caroline Radzik (October 16, 1987-August 15, 2015) died in a car accident in Boston. My mom was on the phone and was in tears. At the time, I was at the couch. My nephew, Corey got a bush shearer and nearly swung it towards me. It was very upsetting to me as I lost a close relative and got nearly struck by my nephew at the same time.

I coped with all three instances of grief, knowing that everybody lives once.

Even with high-functioning Autism, losing a relative does not seem easy at first. But, it helped me become independent.



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