Life With Autism: Introduction

Life With Autism: Introduction

I have always wanted to appreciate my life with Autism because there are a lot of benefits I had from it.

I was first diagnosed in 1999, even though I was supposed to be nonverbal. With the right therapy, I was able to speak English.

I have photographic memories. One of those memories was at May 21st, 2004 where I saw Shrek 2 at the Hanover Mall theater with my father at the afternoon. I got a small popcorn, he got a medium popcorn and a medium diet soda. I even remembered the previews before the film which are The Incredibles and Shark Tale.

I was able to replicate voices because of my hearing range and good memory.

However, I have certain struggles such as passionate opinions and scents of different food. I get overwhelmed by the smell of seafood and from loud audio. That is why I rarely attend certain parties.

These upcoming entries serve as a way of educating neurotypicals about Autism.



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