Life With Autism: Multilingual

Life With Autism: Multilingual

English is my native language but it is not the only language that I speak. I am high-functioning which helped me gain the ability to learn more languages from the world.

My second language is Japanese. I got into it after hearing some words sporadically used in the cartoon Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (2004-2006). It made me have a tutor named Mizue Sato from 2009 to now, who taught me almost all the words in the Japanese vocabulary.

My incomplete third language is Spanish. I got into it after learning that a lot of popular women such as Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez are of Hispanic/Latina origin and sometimes speak or sing it in their works. Not to mention that my favorite cartoon brain voiced by African-American Phil LaMarr had Mexican undertones with some Spanish spoken.

High-functioning people such as myself are capable of speech, but I plan to learn more about the world through speaking its languages so they will appreciate a man of many talents.


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