Tracks: Adam Sandler’s Respect

Tracks: Adam Sandler’s Respect

In 1996 with Adam Sandler’s second album, he co-wrote and voiced in an audio sketch called Respect (1996) about five-year old Little Nicky (not the 2000 movie) DeCesare where he tells his grandfather and his grandfather’s friends at the social club about his first day of school.

Adam Sandler is a huge fan of Rodney Dangerfield and decided to use the word respect a lot in the sketch.

The DeCesare family is like a quintessential mafia. Every time Mr. DeCesare (Adam Sandler) gets an answer of his question to Nicky (Jon Rosenberg), all of the elder men say “Respect.”

For example:

“I respect cookies. Who doesn’t respect cookies?” – After Nicky told the elders he ate cookies and drank milk at school.

However, certain things get out of hand when Sammy (Allen Covert) interrupts the group by saying something wrong or repeating words the elders said. When he interrupts, the elders get angry and swear repeatedly at him like a Scorsese film.

In the end, the elders spell out “R-E-S-P….” “S!” They heard Sammy say the letter S, which made them angry and swear at him for bad spelling.

Respect is a hilarious take on the Scorsese mafia while helps you learn how to spell respect.



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