Scene-Stealers: Puss in Boots

Scene-Stealers: Puss in Boots

Shrek (2001) has been and will always be iconic but after the release of Shrek 2 (2004), Puss in Boots is a close second thanks to his cool attitude, his appreciation as a cat and Antonio Banderas’ voice acting based on his The Mask of Zorro (2000) role.

Puss in Boots was based on the iconic 1697 fairy tale of the same name. His introduction in the memorable franchise was in Shrek 2, where he was hired by King Harold (John Cleese) to assassinate Shrek (Mike Myers), to minimal success, where he joined both Shrek and Donkey (Eddie Murphy) for their next adventures.

Another way to honor Puss in Boots is that Antonio Banderas was able to voice the character in English, Spanish and in Italian. What a multilingual gato!

While Catwoman is a memorable feline related character since 1940, the Shrek version of Puss in Boots was able to use fencing, his claws or his adorable eyes.

“En garde!”

Puss in Boots is a great way for introducing feline masculinity to kids and showing them that never let cuteness from a cat fool people.


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