Button Mashers: Spider-Man (2000)

Button Mashers: Spider-Man (2000)

Two years before the iconic Sam Raimi Spider-Man (2002) film came out, Activision made two games based on the memorable Marvel character for the PlayStation. The first game, simply called Spider-Man (2000) featured Peter Parker (Rino Romano) as he battles several villains including Venom (Daran Norris), Carnage (Dee Bradley Baker) and Dr. Octopus (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.).

The game had a great mix between platforming and combat for all ages where Spider-Man either hit or squirt webs at his enemies, rendering them harmless.

Daran Norris’ voice acting for Venom is a great highlight for the game and I would like to see if he would dub Tom Hardy’s lines in the 2018 Venom film.

After completing the game, there is a What-If mode, narrated by Uatu the Watcher (Laurence Fishburne) which is much more humorous than the original game with many other differences and Marvel related cameos including the Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider and  the Sub-Mariner.

Spider-Man is a profound video game that helped bring in licensed video games to a great feel.


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