Extra Extended Editions: Batman Arkham Knight

Extra Extended Editions: Batman Arkham Knight

While Batman: Arkham Knight (2015) finished the Arkham video games with a bang, Rocksteady released tons of DLC to prolong the game experience to an even better effect.

The biggest expansion to the game is Season of Infamy which consisted of four extra side missions that relate to a particular villain as the other side missions have which are Mad Hatter, Ra’s al Ghul, Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze. Some progress in the story mode is required to unlock all four missions.

While the short Arkham Episodes can be controversial for its low replay value, all six of them show what happened before and after the events of the game. Three of them unlocked three playable characters for the combat and predator challenge maps and the latter three unlocked extra challenge maps.

The Batmobile can be a touchy subject for people who have played the original game with its additional five extra paint jobs but there are five extra Batmobiles from different eras which are Batman (1989), The Dark Knight (2008), Batman (1966), Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) and Batman v Superman (2016) that never use the combat schematics whatsoever.

The extra content had twenty four character skins including fifteen skins for Batman, two skins for Catwoman, four skins for Robin, two skins for Nightwing, one skin for Harley Quinn and one skin for Red Hood. Batgirl and Azrael have no extra skins.

The challenge maps are the most exciting part about the Arkham games and with all of the extra content, there are twenty one extra combat challenge maps, nineteen extra predator challenge maps, nine extra Batmobile race tracks, an extra Batmobile hybrid map and an extra Batmobile combat map, which gives a grand total plus all the DLC maps as seventy-two challenge maps for the complete edition of the game.

The extra challenge maps and the Infamy pack give WayneTech points if they are completed as in the original game, which makes the upgrade process much easier.

For the PlayStation owners, they also get two Batman skins, a 1960s paint job for the Batmobile and the three-part Scarecrow Nightmare challenge maps.

All of this extra content for Arkham Knight can make the game much more enjoyable and replayable.


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