Inspirations: Frank Welker

Inspirations: Frank Welker

Many people were surprised by many voice actor’s abilities and Frank Welker (1946-Present) had such a long list that it can be very difficult to count all the voice roles, animals, humans and aliens.

For his notable work, he was known as Megatron and Soundwave from the Transformers franchise, where he reprised their voice roles in the last four Michael Bay films. He also did the Cave of Wonders, the “who disturbs my slumber” head from Aladdin (1992) and Abu the monkey.

Welker is a man of over a thousand voices. In certain cartoons, he voices two characters in a scene that don’t sound exactly like Frank Welker. This excerpt from Evil Con Carne is where a Godzilla and a Mothra spoof smelled the Stink Ray.

“[In deep voice] Pee-you!” – Godzilla

“[In squeaky and insect like voice] He who smelt it dealt it!” – Mothra

In 1996, Frank Welker was able to do the vocal effects for aliens in Independence Day and Mars Attacks.

Frank Welker was also known for voicing Fred Jones in nearly every Scooby-Doo cartoon and has voiced the titular dog since 2002.

His most notable live-action role was arguably the vocal effects for Goro in Mortal Kombat (1995), where he broke Johnny Cage’s glasses. However, Goro’s actual speech was done by another voice actor.

If you seen any of these, you probably know why Frank Welker is a great influence.


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