Underrated Masterpieces: Predator 2

Underrated Masterpieces: Predator 2

While Predator (1987) is considered a classic, the two follow-ups are quite forgotten and cherished at the same time.

Predator 2 (1990) takes place at Los Angeles, home to a police officer (Danny Glover) who encounters a race of Predators. Even though there is no Schwarzenegger, there are plenty of scares and great sights.

However, the obscenely great phrase used throughout the films had a twist. Danny Glover’s character said to the unmasked Predator: “You are one, ugly…” He was grabbed by the Predator as it finished the sentence. Maybe it means that the Predator is aware that he is ugly without his mask.

It had some great connections to the first film and was vastly underrated.

Predator 2 is great for those who want to see the Predator out of the jungle and into civilization.


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