Button Mashers: Spider-Man The Movie

Button Mashers: Spider-Man The Movie

A month before Spider-Man (2002) came out on theaters, Activision and Treyarch did a video game based on the film called Spider-Man: The Movie (2002) with Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe reprising their roles from the film with Bruce Campbell as the narrator of the game.

The game contains events not found in the film such as appearances of villains including Vulture (Dwight Schultz), Shocker and Scorpion. However, they may contradict the two film sequels to Spider-Man.

While the combat has improved from the two PlayStation games, Bruce Campbell’s narration throughout the game is like listening to a golden chime including his clever jokes that might go over kid’s heads. For example, Bruce Campbell did his way explaining on platforms.

“When I was just a tyke, I used to spend every summer at my grandpa’s farm. ‘Stinky’, he’d say over the molasses. ‘You need to land on each platform in order. That’s what life’s all about. When you land on a platform…’ He would drone on, ‘It’ll change green, just like the apples in nana’s peach cobbler. Your compass and height meter will point toward the next platform.’ We never knew what he was talking about with that height meter business.”

The crew loved Bruce Campbell’s clever narration so much that they kept him in the tie-in video games for Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007).

However, once the game is first completed, players can play as Harry Osborn (Josh Keaton), who uses a copy of the Green Goblin suit as a different campaign.

Spider-Man is a game worth playing while introducing them to one of the more lighthearted and mostly kid-friendly superhero films.


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