Timeless Classics: Friday

Timeless Classics: Friday

Friday (1995) is a great film starring and co-written by rapper Ice Cube about life at downtown Los Angeles, showing that not all of the city is gloom and doom compared to Boyz N The Hood (1991).

It is about Craig Jones (Ice Cube) who just got fired from his job on his day off. As the title says, the film takes place on a Friday. During the day, he met a shady man named Smokey (Chris Tucker) as the latter told the earlier to give two hundred dollars to a criminal named Big Worm (Faizon Love).

Craig Jones had a father (John Witherspoon) and a younger sister (Regina King), who wanted him to get a job by the end of the day.

Friday is filled with urban and hip-hop references but it was portrayed in a natural and lighthearted way many films before and after it have never done.

Friday is one day anyone shouldn’t miss.


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