Injustice 2 Premier Skins

Injustice 2 Premier Skins

Injustice 2 (2017) is one of my favorite games on Xbox One and it is very good with the playable characters, the gear, the stages, etc all based on DC Comics.

However, one feature that captivated tons of fans are Premier Skins. They are gear shaders that alter the playable character’s voice, appearance, personality and sometimes powers. Only some not all characters get Premier Skins. They are less expensive to make compared to DLC fighters that have new gameplay mechanics and arcade endings.

The Premier Skins actually feel like playing as more characters than just the same character. For example, Captain Cold is pretty much a funny villain who is against the Flash, while his Premier Skin based on Mr. Freeze is very remorseful about his ill wife.

My personal favorite Premier Skin is Bizarro, who is the exact opposite of Superman. While he has the same functions of a Premier Skin, he reversed Superman’s powers with Ice Vision and Fire Breath instead of Heat Vision and Ice Breath.

Confirmed/Released Premier Skins:

Bizarro for Superman

Black Lightning for Raiden (Comes with Ultimate Pack)

Vixen for Cheetah

Reverse-Flash and Jay Garrick for The Flash (Reverse-Flash comes with Ultimate Pack)

Power Girl for Supergirl (Comes with Ultimate Pack and Digital Deluxe Edition)

Grid for Cyborg (Must connect console game to mobile game to unlock Grid)

John Stewart for Hal Jordan Green Lantern (Comes with Ultimate Pack)

Mr. Freeze for Captain Cold


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