Timeless Classics: King Kong (2005)

Timeless Classics: King Kong (2005)

Peter Jackson’s favorite film of his childhood was King Kong (1933) and wanted to adapt it someday. After the success of The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003), Jackson was finally given the chance to do the 2005 remake featuring Jack Black and Naomi Watts.

King Kong is what a 2000s remake should be because it is very faithful to the 1933 classic with updated visuals, great acting and a sense of spectacle.

Andy Serkis did another motion capture performance as Kong, who knew that nature of the primates he later advanced with the Caesar Trilogy (2011-2017) based on Planet of the Apes.

I feel happy that Peter Jackson did a remake of this film because he grew up with the original film and that was able to accomplish that.

It also had an Extended Edition as did Peter Jacksons adaptation trilogies of both The Lord of The Rings (2001-2003) and The Hobbit (2012-2014).

King Kong is a remake that is worth re-watching after seventy two years.


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