Timeless Classics: Resident Evil

Timeless Classics: Resident Evil

While Resident Evil (2002) and its five sequels were based on a video game series by Capcom, the first film helped start a hardcore feminine wave of films continued by Underworld (2003) and Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003).

Alice (Milla Jovovich) is a woman who worked for the Umbrella Corporation at Raccoon City. Inside a base called the Hive, the T-Virus caused people to transform into zombies. The Red Queen, a girl-like artificial intelligence warned Alice and her allies about shutting down the contaminated base.

“You’re all going to die down there.”

The Red Queen was later integrated into the video game franchise after the film’s success.

The film had very little connections to the actual video game franchise but it worked compared to the follow-ups. It had great choreography and visual effects for the scenes where Alice encounters the Licker.

Resident Evil has become a milestone film for the hardcore feminine and zombie sub genres since 2002.


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