Tracks: Joining The Cult

Tracks: Joining The Cult

In Adam Sandler’s second album released in 1996, the album opened with an audio skit about two male friends playing basketball while the first friend (Adam Sandler) wanted the second friend (Allen Covert) to join a religious cult together.

The first friend explained the second friend about the cult.

“This guy Russell. He’s the leader guy of the cult. He was rambling on during one of his speeches about the sun being bad. Like the Beast can’t come out because the sun is too bright and it hurts his eyes or something.”

The first friend confessed that the real reason why he wanted to join a deranged cult is just to see a woman he wants to meet. As long as the cult doesn’t hurt the two men’s relationships, it might seem fine even without sunlight.

This audio sketch is a great critique on basketball and dangerous cults.


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