Tracks: Whitey

Tracks: Whitey

While Whitey Duvall (Adam Sandler) was known for his appearances in Little Nicky (2000) and Eight Crazy Nights (2002) with Dana Carvey acting the role in the earlier film and Sandler voicing the role again in the latter film, the character actually first appeared in the titular audio skit for Adam Sandler’s album released in 1999: Stan & Judy’s Kid.

Some people can be a bit annoyed by Whitey Duvall’s voice that sounds like a combination between Elmo and Jar Jar Binks, Whitey was a well-written character that Adam Sandler made for the kind elders who love being at the mall as much as Whitey.

The sixteen minute audio sketch reveals that Whitey Duvall is four feet tall, he is a basketball referee (as seen in other appearances), has a fraternal twin sister, is very kind to others and unlike other characters played or voiced by Sandler (with the exception of Dracula), has a very G-rated way of speaking.

“[After hearing a boy swear] Technical foul! Technical foul! You leave that garbage talk in the gutter, where it belongs!”

Adam Sandler loved the character he wrote so much he later used Whitey Duvall in both Little Nicky and Eight Crazy Nights. In fact, both films had Whitey say “technical foul”.

Whitey Duvall is one character that lets you know that there is still happiness in the holidays and kindness from wise men such as him.


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