Admirable Acting: Michael Clarke Duncan in Daredevil

Admirable Acting: Michael Clarke Duncan in Daredevil

NOTE: This only applies to the 2004 R-rated director’s cut.

Michael Clarke Duncan (1957-2012) was one of the best actors of his generation and I think he should have voiced Darth Vader in the Star Wars original trilogy and Revenge of the Sith (2005). One of his more memorable roles was in Daredevil (2003), as the corrupt businessman named Wilson Fisk the Kingpin. He is just a normal person who is also a crime overlord.

Duncan was beyond perfect for the role with his demanding voice and his bulky physique.

“Business. That’s all it ever is, is business. I was working for Fallon at the time. Your father was supposed to throw a fight. And your girl was in the wrong family at the wrong time. It’s all business. And you’ve been in my business for too long!”

Duncan’s performance as the usually Caucasian comic-book character is deep proof that race did not matter at all. His performance was so well-liked, he reprised the role in an episode of Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (2003).

While Vincent D’Onofrio took up the mantle passed from Duncan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe/Netflix series Daredevil (2015-Present), Michael Clarke Duncan can never be replaced.


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