Underrated Masterpieces: Daredevil

Underrated Masterpieces: Daredevil

Before Ben Affleck took the Batman mantle since 2016, he was involved in Mark Steven Johnson’s interpretation of Marvel’s Daredevil (2003).

A blind lawyer named Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) decided to be the vigilante of New York once he was able to detect criminals without his eyes. He later met Elektra (Jennifer Garner), who became his love interest.  What they did not notice was that the city was overrun by Wilson Fisk (Michael Clarke Duncan).

It had revolutionary stunts and introduced the hit Evanescence breakout song “Bring Me To Life” as well as Ben Affleck’s romance with Jennifer Garner after the film.

The film also had an R-rated director’s cut that substantially improved over the original film.

The original version of the film can be found on VHS, DVD and digital media. Unlike the director’s cut, it is not on Blu-ray.

Daredevil is a great film that should not be forgotten, especially the director’s cut.


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