Terrific Television: Moltar’s Toonami

Terrific Television: Moltar’s Toonami

While Cartoon Network was known for showing non-stop cartoons since 1992, the year 1997 was notable for the birth of Toonami, where anime and action cartoons were shown for hours within a single day.

Moltar (C. Martin Croker) from Space Ghost (1966-1968) and Space Ghost Coast To Coast (1993-2008) was the very first of Toonami, announcing line-ups and giving speeches about re-runs, friends and being yourself while on commercial breaks.

C. Martin Croker’s digitally altered voice acting for Moltar on the series gave the character some more recognition and Toonami was shown as a reliable programming block during it’s first golden age.

Toonami helped bring Japanese animation and action cartoons to the United States since 1997 and have helped bring in a birth of anime fandom within countries outside Japan.


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