Life With Autism: Bullying

During Carver High School, I had been a victim of bullying and being a victim is much more likely if you are on the spectrum such as myself.

In one instance during spring 2013, a boy was using profanity in the hallways. I said to him, “That’s not a nice thing to say!” A friend of his said about me that I’m the r-word. Yes. THAT r-word. That really upset me as I told him that is not nice either. I walked away  to the library and never spoke to them again.

I even had tough times at the men’s room. The men there are so crude and are apathetic. They randomly yell profanities and racial slurs like they have coprolalia, just to offend me. I advised them to read dictionaries to watch their mouths. Once I heard one of them yell the N-word at me, I told them back “Ms. Kraffey is a saint” because she is one of my advisors and she is a black woman and that word is derogatory to them. People who say that word, even certain black people are hypocritical. At the bathroom walls, I saw very nasty words written and I sometimes use an eraser to remove them to prevent certain people to get offended ahead of time.

Those bullies who gave me hardships are like the Deadpool (2016) of my life, crude and narcissistic people who only cared about themselves and not of my feelings.

Bullying should be stopped in any school property including those directed against those on the spectrum.


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