Button Mashers: Luigi’s Mansion

Button Mashers: Luigi’s Mansion

A launch title for the Nintendo GameCube, Luigi (Charles Martinet), Mario’s brother gets his second stand-alone game with Luigi’s Mansion (2001).

Luigi went inside a very creepy mansion filled with ghosts and other scares. However, since it is a kids game, they did not overdo the scares thanks to the sights of Toad and Professor E. Gadd, who regularly helped Luigi with his Poltergust 3000 vacuum and the GameBoy Horror.

The game can be a bit short but can help solve puzzle and trap ghosts with the handy vacuum in exchange for jewelry.

Luigi also has to suck up all the ghosts so he can rescue Mario from King Boo.

Luigi’s Mansion is not only a great Nintendo game but a great game for children to conquer their fears.


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