Button Mashers: Super Mario Sunshine

Button Mashers: Super Mario Sunshine

A great game for the Nintendo GameCube, Super Mario Sunshine (2002) was able to make an iconic video game series a bit more tropical and sanitary.

Mario (Charles Martinet) and Princess Peach (Jen Taylor) were getting ready to have a splendid vacation at Isle Delfino. However, it was ruined by a lookalike of Mario making the island a complete mess and not as pleasant.

Mario found F.L.U.D.D., a device that can help him spray water against enemies or hover to gaps between platforms in order to get Shine Sprites.

The game is well-known for introducing fan-favorite characters Petey Piranha and Bowser Jr.

Super Mario Sunshine is a perfect game to play with your kids while understanding that the sun can always stay bright.


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