Why David Banner Is The Most Underrated Marvel Villain

Why David Banner Is The Most Underrated Marvel Villain

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe came out in 2008, most of the villains are just one-shots including Ivan Vanko and Malekith but this non-MCU related villain is actually a well-written one for Ang Lee’s Hulk (2003).

  1. A Literal Human: While most of the Marvel related villains are supernatural or rely on gadgets, David Banner is a scientist who trusted in his research in an honest way rather than senseless.
  2. Nick Nolte’s Acting: While his rival Kurt Russell got the job for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), his acting for the tragic villain is actually very genuine, much more than Tom Hiddleston as Loki or even Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus.
  3. A Unique Amalgamation: James Schamus decided to write in the character with abilities based on Hulk related villain Absorbing Man but is much more sympathetic.
  4. Not Exactly A Villain: David Banner caused all that harm because he wanted to exceed his own limits. When he struck down his wife, he was in complete depression. “Think about all those men out there, in their uniforms! Barking and swallowing orders! Inflicting their petty rule over the entire globe! Think of all the harm they’ve done! To you! To me! To humanity!”
  5. The Creator Of The Hero: His self-experimentation is why Bruce (Eric Bana) was able to become green when angry.
  6. Relies On Man’s Best Friend: Since David gave Bruce a plush dog when Bruce was young, David found three real dogs and experimented on them to make Bruce remember of his childhood.
  7. An Elemental: Three of his forms made him become a being of electricity, rocks and water directly after touching them.
  8. Honesty: While Marvel-related villains such as Ronan or Ego are apathetic, David is not. He even honestly explained what happened to he and his son while talking to Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly).
  9. The Background History: James Schamus interpreted him as a brilliant man who had been doing research during the 1960s about invertebrates just like Charles Darwin.
  10. Ang Lee’s Direction: There are a lot of reasons why Ang Lee is one of the best film directors and his direction for all the characters especially David are very deep and psychological.

David Banner looks like a character that was intended for Logan (2017) thanks to his deep feelings and challenges of being a brilliant person.


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