Terrific Television: South Park

Terrific Television: South Park

South Park (1997-Present) is a controversial adult cartoon made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone after a two-part short called The Spirit of Christmas (1992-1995), which inspired the series.

It is about four boys who live at Colorado. The series is well-known for breaking crude barriers as did A Clockwerk Orange (1970), Fritz the Cat (1972) and Psycho (1960). It helped begin an even more crude 1999 film which propelled the show to a bigger success.

The series isn’t afraid to tackle on any topic that Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t like. However, the creators do not want it to be like the news channel as they bring in their own satire.

Some of the over than two hundred episodes including “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson” (2007) and “Trapped In The Closet” (2005) have actual meaning rather than just crude satire.

“Words are like bullets and I let them pass right through me.”

Trey Parker wrote the quote to make a point on certain words while Cartman didn’t care.

“Dude, that was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! I’ve watched it on YouTube about sixty times!”

Even though it is crude now as it was since 1997, South Park has been an important part of American culture.


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