Tracks: Wolfman

Tracks: Wolfman

Adam Sandler did a 2004 audio skit based on Wolfman Jack (1938-1995) where a man (Blake Clark) claims to be the Wolfman thanks to his goofy old records, which made his son (Adam Sandler) a bit bored.

“Not the Wolfman? Listen up, baby! If I’m not the Wolfman, then James Brown ain’t the hardest working man in show business!”

The Wolfman loves saying hilarious rhymes and thinking about how great he is.

“Oh, the Wolfman’s feeling fine! The Wolfman’s towing the line! The Wolfman’s always ready to shine! Arrroooo!!”

This is a clever tribute to the legacy of Wolfman Jack, in fact Adam Sandler recognized it by the end of the great track.

Wolfman can bring some retro memories for those who miss Wolfman Jack.


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