Fun Facts: Jimmy Neutron Origins

Fun Facts: Jimmy Neutron Origins

While most people believed that the iconic character first appeared in either Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) or The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (2002-2006), John A. Davis created the character earlier than most people know.

Jimmy Neutron’s original name was Johnny Quasar in the original concept art.

By 1998, John A. Davis did a CGI pilot called Jimmy Neutron: Runaway Rocketboy (1998). It showed Jimmy Neutron and Goddard run away from their house and into space, where they were captured by the Yokians.

The executives at Nickelodeon were so impressed by the pilot and hired Davis to do a feature-length remake set for December 2001.

However, the journey still continued as Davis made five shorts during 2000 and two stand-alone shorts in 2001, which directly led to a five-part prologue which directly set up the film known as Calling All Aliens. They were made to get people prepared for the release of the film.

Each of the stand-alone shorts showcased Jimmy Neutron and his many gadgets including Goddard, the cloning machine, Pain-Transference Helmet, the Hypnobeam and the Time Travel remote.

Footage of the original pilot and early versions of the shorts were used in an all-original 2000 teaser trailer to the hit film.

This was the very first film trailer I saw in theaters where I saw Shrek (2001) with my mother at Braintree.

The origins of Jimmy Neutron are great to research for possible tests as a typical genius.


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