Timeless Classics: Monsters, Inc.

Timeless Classics: Monsters, Inc.

One of the most iconic Disney/Pixar films of all time, Monsters, Inc. (2001) was able to help kids understand that life isn’t all about fear.

Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) have been very great friends since attending Monsters University and eventually worked at Monsters Incorporated, where Sulley became one of the best scarers of the company. However, a door was left behind and a little girl named Boo (Mary Gibbs) appeared, scaring the citizens of Monstropolis. However, Boo is actually very harmless and helped Mike and Sulley learn that humans should get some laughs rather than scares for energy in the monster world.

Like Toy Story (1995) and A Bug’s Life (1998) before it, Monsters, Inc. was able to keep both children and adults interested while giving people of all generations proper messages.

Monsters, Inc. is one of the best kids films out there and is great to let people know that laughter is much more powerful than scares.




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