Top Ten: Intense Marvel Films

Top Ten: Intense Marvel Films

Not all comic book films based on Marvel are cheery and tons of computer generated hijinks. They are not sorted in any particular order and are not worthing watching near your children. While Deadpool (2016) is R-rated, it is more funny than intense. It is not just intense in intensity, but the scale as well.

10. X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009): The origins of Wolverine, Sabretooth and an alternate interpretation of Deadpool are explored in intense results.

9. Blade Trinity Unrated (2004): While the film can be bogged down by Ryan Reynolds’ hilariousness, it provides a definitive finale to the Blade films.

8. The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Edition (2013): James Mangold’s directoral work for the film is a great set up to his Magnum Opus.

7. Ghost Rider Extended Cut (2007): Nicholas Cage does a surprisingly good portrayal of the iconic skeletal motorcyclist with Eva Mendes and Sam Elliott as additional actors.

6. Blade (1998): One of the early comic book films to get an R-rating, Blade uses all the cut and dried horror.

5. The Punisher Extended Cut (2004): Thomas Jane’s grizzly performance as Frank Castle makes up for the visuals of the cult classic.

4. Daredevil Director’s Cut (2003): This heavily improved film from the theatrical edition shows the dark depths of a blind lawyer who protects New York.

3. Blade II (2002): Continuing up from the stakes of Blade, Wesley Snipes get to play as the vampire hybrid for ultra-violent results.

2. Logan (2017): The final film featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, this somber film shows him losing his healing factor in the middle of a famine-ridden world where mutants are nearly extinct.

1. Hulk (2003): This hidden emerald secretly inspired all those angsty comic book films after 2003, despite the mixed reception. It is equally as cinematic and intense as Logan yet got a measly PG-13 rating for the film.

These Marvel-related films should be kept in the adults only section and for very great reasons. Examples include strong profanity, intense thematic elements and graphic violence.

The extended versions of some of these films are even more intense, and that is why I added better emphasis. The extended versions of the films can be found in DVD and Blu-Ray.

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