10 reasons why woke culture is making life less fun

I have had a distaste for woke culture throughout the late 2010s and 2020. It’s just as bad as the COVID-19 pandemic. My definition of “woke” is stripping people of the knowledge of the past while trying to create a feeling of black supremacy. I respect liberal and fellow conservative friends but it’s unfortunate that this plague is making life feel bad.

1. There are some bad propaganda movies thanks to this.: Feigbusters, Elizabeth Banks’ Angels, MIB International, Terminator: Dark Fate, and The Fall of Skywalker were nothing more than social justice warrior propaganda. We would have gotten Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Charlie’s Angels 3 with Diaz, Barrymore and Liu, MIB 4 with Smith and Jones, a less pandering Terminator film and a more satisfying ending to the Skywalker saga.

2. Great people were suddenly frowned upon: Vic Mignogna, Jim Cummings and Brock Baker were falsely accused with sexual harassment without any evidence. Dr. Seuss’ books are now seen as books that should be burned.

3. Hypocrisy: Pepe Le Pew got removed in Space Jam: A New Legacy but the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange were kept. Pepe has more standards than a group of actual rapists. And how come people are giving Amber Heard more roles than Johnny Depp when you realize she is a heartless abuser? Robin Byrd is a pretentious SJW who happens to be given more support than Katie Rice.

4. Queerwashing and genderbending: I don’t mind being kind to the LGBT community but what I don’t like was that LeFou from the Beauty and the Beast remake was rewritten as gay just to pander to the community. Doesn’t help that the film got banned in several countries. I am also unhappy that characters like Taskmaster and Jeri Hogarth get the opposite genders compared to their original counterparts.

5. VAs step down for stupid reasons.: A good amount of white voice actors quit voicing roles of different ethnic groups but that doesn’t mean their replacements sound just as good. Take Mr. Nezzer from The VeggieTales Show. He was originally voiced by Phil Vischer and did a great job. However, his replacement David Mann was meh. At least Phil was nice enough to return in a few episodes. People also overlooked that black VAs like Greg Eagles, Kevin Michael Richardson, Phil LaMarr and Cree Summer voiced white characters (pale white in Lobo’s case) and nobody panicked.

6. History gets erased.: Scenes in films could be considered problematic but a good amount of streaming services have removed them. It’s better to acknowledge the past than erase it.

7. We Don’t Have Good Humor: I watched a full episode of Harley Quinn and I only did fake laughs. And people would cringe at some stereotypes.

8. Stuff gets renamed.: Slavery is just plain terrible but the name of Boba Fett’s ship Slave I is hardcore! The LEGO set got the ship renamed to just Boba Fett’s Ship.

9. PC Police: As in a scene in South Park, PC Principal beats up Cartman for using the word spokesman instead of spokesperson.

10. Woke Superiority: What I hate about today’s culture is that a lot of stuff is made to appeal to just minorities alone. I’m fine with representation but overexposing it is too far.

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